Call of the Wild!

Who I am:

After (too) many years in a corporate job, I have found an unquenchable thirst for all things creative and the people that express that of themselves. The animal kingdom builds for need. Humans do it just because they want to, aside, and sometimes, in opposition of need. I wanted to write a novel, so I did! I wanted to record music, so I did! I love observing the world and the people in it, so I do! These are the things that make me…me, and the things driving this site…

About this site:

This web site is dedicated to what drives others to do the things they do. I am regularly adding blogs to this site that spotlight people that create things and their processes and insights on keeping up the fight within one’s self to keep doing the dance of creation. I believe that all humans have this drive! With some it is unstoppable, we all buy their music, books and art, but for some it is hidden better than buried treasure. I hope to inspire people to take out the shovel and dig up the bounty within!

About you:

What I hope for you, the visitor, is interaction by any comment, observation or any other thing that puts a match to your creative fires! Use this forum to talk to about your writing, poetry, painting, music or bee keeping— or anything before, between or behind those mentioned! Everyone is welcome, so come on, what are you waiting for?

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